Values Matrix¢â

Transforming Business Culture

The business landscape is changing rapidly as business owners and managers are finding it more difficult to recruit and retain competent and dynamic staff.

Recruiters are urging employers to be more proactive with planning their recruitment needs because the growing demand for talented staff is giving jobseekers the freedom to find both a job and employer of their choice.

Become an Employer of Choice

Proactive employers in Scandinavia, Europe and USA such as Google and Southwest Airlines are at the forefront of creating an environment and culture to attract and retain top level employees. Performance and productivity enhancements plus a substantial return on investment are part of the payoff for these employers of choice.

Comparative studies of companies in the same industries by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, authors of ¡®Built to Last ¡¯proved the visionary employers with a culture based on core-values financially outperformed the comparisons by a factor of 6 and the stock market by a factor of 15.

The reputation of an employer of choice attracts the highest level applicants because their culture honours the diversity of their employees and gives them such a good experience they become fully engaged, remain loyal over a longer term with a minimal level of conflict.

Values driving this culture change

The cultures of these dynamic organisations are based on core company values that guide each company in all their processes and actions. The values-based culture also gives employees clarity about what to expect when they join the team and sets clear boundaries and expectations of their behaviours.

Take your organisation through the 5 step process of building a values-based culture with our

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    "gave me excellent tools to better
    understand other people..."

    This training helped me to more fully understand myself and my drivers/motivators. It also gave me excellent tools to better understand other people and how to more effectively understand their values - how they see the world and how it may differ or be similar to me.

    Gayle Bofinger - Director Allied Health Centre - Brisbane

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    "very beneficial both personally and in business."

    The programs content demonstrated practical methods to improve teamwork and better understand others. Very beneficial both personally and in business.

    John Nosworthy
    - CEO - Boyds Bay Landscape
    & Environmental
    - Tweed Heads


    "given me instantaneous results"

    The training has given me instantaneous results in my life both financially and with my family as well as with my past, present & future thinking. The methods I have learned are powerful & give me the ability to get the outcomes in life that are exceptional not outcomes that are average.

    David Hynes - Broker
    - Eagle Insurance Brokers - Byron Bay


    "anybody involved in business or sales will benefit¡¦"

    The training has helped me to understand how I communicate, how others communicate and how to listen and find the communication signals which helps me in all my communication. Anybody involved in business or sales will benefit from understanding NLP and its use in day to day interactions with clients and colleagues

    Paul Hayes - CEO
    - Creative Solutions
    - Brisbane

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