Our coaching programs use the Meta-Coaching¢ç System proven to facilitate high level developmental and transformational change. That is why we call it ¡®meta¡¯ meaning higher level. At these levels profound change and growth occurs naturally and easily. The result is success and transformation.

The discipline of coaching originated from sports coaching where the coach does not have to be the expert in the sport, he or she does have to know how to get the best out of a player.

Just like a sports coach a meta-coach is an expert in structure and process rather than content, because the client is his or her own best expert in content.

Our meta-coaches know how people function and operate (their structures and processes) and they are guided by the six models of change in the Meta-Coaching¢ç System

Using this system our skilled coaches facilitate high level developmental and transformational change of executives and managers plus enhanced performance of team members and individuals in all areas of an organisation.

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    Clients Testimonials

    What others have said about our coaching¡¦

    "...I have a greatly improved attitude..."

    The Institute of Advanced leadership is an Australian based charity providing training in the African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We train these countries top leaders in the skills, attitudes and approach required to end war and poverty.

    As CEO I spend long periods in Africa, employing and training staff and conducting trainings. When I returned to Australia I felt drained and unclear about how to achieve my objectives and was not caring enough about myself.

    Martin's coaching created clarity, improved my mindset and allowed me to view my business needs differently. Now I have a greatly improved attitude toward myself and have prioritised my own financial needs. I have restructured my business and created the structure required to run an expanding organization.

    His coaching has been very productive as I am more empowered to achieve the aims of my organization.

    Tony Lenart - CEO
    - Institute of Advanced Leadership - Sydney

    "...comes with my highest recommendation."

    "Since my first introduction to Martin I have been positively challenged time and time again and have experienced many significant breakthroughs in my life.

    He has an amazing ability to see through my issues and address the core essence of my problem.

    The coaching has been very beneficial to both my personal life and the direction of our business.

    Martin certainly comes with my highest recommendation."

    Terry Hoey- CEO-World Youth International
    - Adelaide - Australia

    "coaching brought enormous clarity¡¦¡±

    It was clear that we needed to make some hard decisions and
    we certainly needed to return the company to a profitable situation because no one would lend a 34 year old business owner the money to buy out his partners without being sure we could repay the loan.
    The outlook was gloomy, the outcome was very hazy and in 3 months Martin and his Executive Coaching brought enormous clarity to my life. Not only allowing me to see the reality of the world from a business perspective but also seeing the necessity for me to focus on my family to ensure that I do not get
    consumed within the business whilst running the business.

    Adding to my desire to achieve and challenge myself my new found enthusiasm and focus allowed me to raise just over $1mil from financiers to undertake a management buy out that seemed hopeless some time ago, but is now underway.
    Its not that I didn¡¯t have the ability, it¡¯s simply that Martin assisted me in finding and focusing on the outcome I needed to achieve.

    I certainly intend to pick up more executive coaching and one to one coaching for my team as building them builds our business.

    Matthew J Denehy - Eagle Insurance Brokers
    - Byron Bay

    "received amazing tools and wisdom¡¦ "

    I have received amazing Tools and Wisdom that will really help
    me in my life and business. Thank you!

    Kate Histon - CEO & Founder - Dance Dynamics
    - Byron Bay

    "¡¦answers inside myself¡¦¡¦"

    I was looking for someone to give me answers when in actual fact I was shown they are inside myself. My confidence and belief in myself has grown immensely and the trust I have developed within myself to move forward is exponential

    Lee Purdie -Yoga & Performing Arts Teacher
    - Byron Bay

    -----Guaranteed Results
    You can rest assured we guarantee to deliver the outcomes we have agreed to
    - or we will continue to coach you and your team until you are satisfied with the outcomes - for no further charge

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    to discuss your organisations
    needs with our team
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    "very beneficial both personally and in business."

    The programs content demonstrated practical methods to improve teamwork and better understand others. Very beneficial both personally and in business.

    John Nosworthy
    - CEO - Boyds Bay Landscape
    & Environmental
    - Tweed Heads


    "given me instantaneous results"

    The training has given me instantaneous results in my life both financially and with my family as well as with my past, present & future thinking. The methods I have learned are powerful & give me the ability to get the outcomes in life that are exceptional not outcomes that are average.

    David Hynes - Broker
    - Eagle Insurance Brokers - Byron Bay


    "anybody involved in business or sales will benefit¡¦"

    The training has helped me to understand how I communicate, how others communicate and how to listen and find the communication signals which helps me in all my communication. Anybody involved in business or sales will benefit from understanding NLP and its use in day to day interactions with clients and colleagues

    Paul Hayes - CEO
    - Creative Solutions
    - Brisbane

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