Communication Programs

Our communication model is a systemic approach that clarifies the different aspects of effectively communicating with others and gives your team rich tools and techniques to be great communicators.

A key tool, effective communication assists your team to unlock hidden talents that have held them back from being extraordinary in customer service, sales, leadership, team dynamics, HR and more.

Communication trainings are essential to improve the verbal and written communication with customers, suppliers, other team members and stake holders within your organisation.

  1. Developing Key Contacts module - covers how to create instant rapport, communicate in the other persons map of the world, listen for their values, beliefs and frames to develop strong relationships in person or over the phone

  2. Constructing the Message module - specifically covers verbal and written communication and teaches influencing and negotiation techniques such as precision and vague language, perceptual flexibility, framing, anchoring and story.

  3. Communicating with Passion module - how to enrich the meanings that are communicated with powerful intentions to make the message more compelling by using state management, meaning making plus beliefs and values tools

    The training teaches a key concept that ¡®The meaning of communication is the response you get¡¯ and uses this to illustrate how easily people can misunderstand what has been communicated.

    By recognizing that everyone creates different meanings from the message communicated, the communicator can use a more flexible approach to transform the message.

    Incorporating different states, voice tonality, gestures, posture and passion into the communication creates a memorable and engaging dialogue.

    Understanding the values and beliefs that create the other persons map of the world gives the communicator a powerful tool to influence the way a message is understood.

    The communication trainings cover tools essential for business communication and will enhance the team¡¯s ability to manage their communication.
Training Outcomes

The outcomes you can expect from these programs¡¦
  • Develop a powerful and efficient culture
  • Create clarity with your vision and values
  • Increase your productivity and profitability
  • Develop into a highly effective team
  • Empower your team with effective leadership skills
  • Communicate effectively with your customers

  • Plus much more...

Training Benefits

The specific benefits derived from each training will differ - those you can expect from any of our trainings are¡¦

  • Increased performance, confidence and self esteem
  • Decreased stress and tension among teams
  • Teams feel more empowered and acknowledged
  • Increased loyalty and commitment from staff
  • Improved use of new knowledge and skills

Training Modules

Our trainings are delivered as 2hr, ¨ö day, full day and multiple day modules depending on the needs of our clients

This gives your organisation delivery options and can assist you with the logistics of taking team members away from assigned tasks.

Where practical the trainings are delivered in house, or at a venue a short distance from your workplace.

Training Materials

Each training module is delivered with a structured manual which includes information and exercises to complete during and after the training.

Training Method

The trainings are highly interactive requiring each person to participate and be fully present to receive maximum benefits. We use accelerated learning techniques to engage the participants and allow them to implement the new learnings.

We recommend that people are encouraged to attend the full session and leave their phones and other distractions out of the training room.

"more useful to me than the 14-week communication
theory subjects I took at University "

Martin helped the attendees understand themselves better,
and harness their communication skills and five senses to effectively interact with people of all walks of life using a few simple concepts that are far more useful to me than the 14-week communication theory subjects I took at University.

I am very thankful for this training because I moved from a very static situation, to improving my career, personal life and relationships.

Arpana Bothra - Gold Coast - Australia

-----Guaranteed Results
You can rest assured we guarantee to deliver the outcomes we have agreed to
- or we will contiune to work with your team until you are satisfied with the outcomes - for no further charge

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"very beneficial both personally and in business."

The programs content demonstrated practical methods to improve teamwork and better understand others. Very beneficial both personally and in business.

John Nosworthy
- CEO - Boyds Bay Landscape
& Environmental
- Tweed Heads


"given me instantaneous results"

The training has given me instantaneous results in my life both financially and with my family as well as with my past, present & future thinking. The methods I have learned are powerful & give me the ability to get the outcomes in life that are exceptional not outcomes that are average.

David Hynes - Broker
- Eagle Insurance Brokers - Byron Bay


"anybody involved in business or sales will benefit¡¦"

The training has helped me to understand how I communicate, how others communicate and how to listen and find the communication signals which helps me in all my communication. Anybody involved in business or sales will benefit from understanding NLP and its use in day to day interactions with clients and colleagues

Paul Hayes - CEO
- Creative Solutions
- Brisbane

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