Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a proven valuable resource to increase productivity and performance. It is focused on enhancing the skills and behaviours of the client to maximise their capability.

In performance coaching we address specific work related issues being experienced by the client, such as

  • Leadership Skills
  • Relationship Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building Skills

Performance coaching gives the client new skills and assists them to develop their inner resources to new levels.

A business will use performance coaching to further up-skill team members after training programs so the new skills they have learnt are embraced and integrated into their work.

Performance Coaching Program Structure

Excellent as a follow up to training, performance coaching usually requires four to six 1 hr weekly sessions over the phone.

The outcomes are clearly defined during the first follow up session and deal specifically with issues that they face in the process of adopting the new skills from the trainings.

Each session builds on the skills and achievements of the previous session to install their new behaviours.

As external coaches we provide both challenge and support without the interference of perceived bias from a manager or team leader.

Performance Coaching Program Outcomes

Installing and building on the new skills is a major problem for any organisation after training.

Performance coaching assists your team members to integrate more of the new skills learned in their training programs.

Resulting in performance and productivity enhancement giving your business a higher ROI for the time and money invested in training.

"¡¦answers inside myself¡¦¡¦"

I was looking for someone to give me answers when in actual fact
I was shown they are inside myself. My confidence and belief in myself has grown immensely and the trust I have developed within myself to move forward is exponential

Lee Purdie -Yoga & Performing Arts Teacher -Byron Bay

-----Guaranteed Results
You can rest assured we guarantee to deliver the outcomes we have agreed to
- or we will continue to coach you and your team until you are satisfied with the outcomes - for no further charge

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"very beneficial both personally and in business."

The programs content demonstrated practical methods to improve teamwork and better understand others. Very beneficial both personally and in business.

John Nosworthy
- CEO - Boyds Bay Landscape
& Environmental
- Tweed Heads


"given me instantaneous results"

The training has given me instantaneous results in my life both financially and with my family as well as with my past, present & future thinking. The methods I have learned are powerful & give me the ability to get the outcomes in life that are exceptional not outcomes that are average.

David Hynes - Broker
- Eagle Insurance Brokers - Byron Bay


"anybody involved in business or sales will benefit¡¦"

The training has helped me to understand how I communicate, how others communicate and how to listen and find the communication signals which helps me in all my communication. Anybody involved in business or sales will benefit from understanding NLP and its use in day to day interactions with clients and colleagues

Paul Hayes - CEO
- Creative Solutions
- Brisbane

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