Leadership Coaching Program

Leadership is a dynamic matrix of skills, frames of mind, beliefs, attitudes, values, intentions and decisions that affect the person leading and his/her team.

We all have the capacity to lean leadership skills and become more resourceful leaders of ourselves and others. Leadership is not only the domain of a few exclusive people who are ¡®born leaders¡¯.

We naturally develop leadership skills as a part of our childhood and adult learning experiences. Learning to socialize at an early age begins to develop leadership and relationship skills which mature throughout our life and career.

Like any skill we can choose to enhance our leadership skills to increase our effectiveness and efficiency as a leader. By making the decision to enhance our leadership skills and being willing to put these new skills into practice we can step into a more dynamic future.

Program Content

Leadership coaching is about finding and defining your strengths and your power without overpowering others. You learn about yourself and your capabilities and you also gather the tools and techniques so that you know how to lead and gain the certainty to lead others.

Our leadership coaching program is a self study program with one to one coaching support to give you further insight and support in discovering your personal strengths and style of leadership.

You will gain new skills and a depth of understanding about how to apply those skills in your own career and life. Though you are focused on your career leadership role you will also gain substantial benefits in the other areas of your life.

Ideally the program is completed over a period of 6 weeks with a one to one phone coaching session (1 hour duration) scheduled weekly. You must have completed your self study (usually takes approx 1 hour) and any other tasks you decided to complete before each coaching call. If this is a challenging schedule for you we may need to set up 2 week intervals between coaching calls.

The content of each self study session is as follows:

  1. Matrix of successful leadership - key elements, models, tools and style

  2. Leaders tools - results, strategy, change, development and relationships

  3. Values - defining, eliciting and utilizing values to lead

  4. Leadership power - building esteem, creating team motivation and influence

  5. Leadership principles - understanding and integrating principles of leadership

  6. Goal setting - personal and team goal setting tools, your future leadership outcomes and program summary

Program Material

Each program covers 6 sessions which include

  • Self study workbook including questions delivered weekly to you via email or post

  • One to one phone coaching session (duration of one hour) at pre-determined time and date as a follow on to the self study workbook to answer your questions, coach and mentor you on issues, experiences, frames of mind which have arisen from the workbook material. Help you to integrate the material into your daily work routine.

  • Email support if required between sessions

"...I have a greatly improved attitude..."

The Institute of Advanced leadership is an Australian based charity providing training in the African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We train these countries top leaders in the skills, attitudes and approach required to end war and poverty.

As CEO I spend long periods in Africa, employing and training staff and conducting trainings. When I returned to Australia I felt drained and unclear about how to achieve my objectives and was not caring enough about myself.

Martin's coaching created clarity, improved my mindset and allowed me to view my business needs differently. Now I have a greatly improved attitude toward myself and have prioritised my own financial needs. I have restructured my business and created the structure required to run an expanding organization.

His coaching has been very productive as I am more empowered to achieve the aims of my organization.

Tony Lenart - CEO - Institute of Advanced Leadership - Sydney

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"very beneficial both personally and in business."

The programs content demonstrated practical methods to improve teamwork and better understand others. Very beneficial both personally and in business.

John Nosworthy
- CEO - Boyds Bay Landscape
& Environmental
- Tweed Heads


"given me instantaneous results"

The training has given me instantaneous results in my life both financially and with my family as well as with my past, present & future thinking. The methods I have learned are powerful & give me the ability to get the outcomes in life that are exceptional not outcomes that are average.

David Hynes - Broker
- Eagle Insurance Brokers - Byron Bay


"anybody involved in business or sales will benefit¡¦"

The training has helped me to understand how I communicate, how others communicate and how to listen and find the communication signals which helps me in all my communication. Anybody involved in business or sales will benefit from understanding NLP and its use in day to day interactions with clients and colleagues

Paul Hayes - CEO
- Creative Solutions
- Brisbane

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