The Simple Way YOU Can Profit from the Sharemarket…Regardless of Whether the Market is Going Up or Down…and How To Make More Money In A Week than Most People Make In A Month

You Can Use This “Unique Strategy” For Potentially Massive Profits… Even If You’ve Never Traded Shares Before.

FROM: Julian Dawson & Family (Frea, Jack & Oliver)

What you are about to discover could be the most important message you read this year and could very well change your life forever. Chances are, you’ve never heard these amazing wealth secrets that I’m going to reveal. And if you have, then I guarantee that you’ve never heard them explained so simply…and in such a way that you can instantly apply them for your own profit.

Here’s why…

In the next 4 minutes I’m about to reveal to you a risk-free way to learn how to get wealthy, without having to be an investment expert…business tycoon…or economics graduate. I’ll show you how to create wealth that produces an income (without having to do much).

I am going to reveal to you how within a VERY short time, you could be living the lifestyle you want – trading the stock and options markets – and potentially make astonishing income by employing a proven… incredibly simple...set of principles.

Imagine… turning on your home computer and knowing exactly how to instantly read stock charts so that you can potentially make large amounts of extra income in a matter of weeks?

Imagine making a profit on the market – no matter whether it’s falling or rising! (How would it feel to laugh with joy as the market crashes.) Can you imagine that?

I can. Because that’s my life!

You know, my question has always been – how can I put in a minimum amount of effort …and take out a maximum amount of profit?

Am I lazy? No. But there are other things in life that I love to devote more of my time to. (Like spending time with my family on holidays). So why not try and get the greatest gain from the least amount of effort!

Have you ever wondered, what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? Is it luck? No it isn't …I can assure you of that. Is it intelligence? No - (in fact, I'll show you why in just a second). Nor is it talent.


The difference lies in, what each person knows, and what he or she chooses to do with that knowledge.

And RIGHT NOW I'm going to blow the lid on some wealth secrets that you are unaware of, which are keeping you tied down financially. It may annoy you to hear what you have been missing out on. But you must know about it.

Why? Well, let me paint a picture of what your life SHOULD be like:

  • You get up in the morning and stroll from your breakfast table to your study. You turn on your computer and check the stock market. In a matter of minutes you are able to tell that today is the day to sell some of your portfolio.

  • You sell the shares that have made you a really healthy profit in only 12 months. You wonder what you’re going to do with the $68,243 profit. (I'm sure you'll think of something.)

  • You also notice some call options that will likely return you $3023 this month (they returned you a similar profit 5 times in the past 6 months, so your judgement is an educated one). You buy now and will sell them in 8 days time. What used to take you 3 to 4 weeks to earn working in a job, you now can make in a matter of days. (If only you knew these secrets when you first started out!)

  • You check your e-mail. There's one from your travel agent. Your 10-day cruise through the Caribbean has been booked. And to think, it didn't cost you a cent out of your own pocket. It was all paid for thanks to your trading, which produces massive amounts of cash for you each week. They say the cocktails are sensational on that cruise!

  • You own several investment homes which don't cost you a cent to operate. You bought these properties out of the profits from your trading. You sit on your bum and collect income each month. (How would that feel?).

  • Your car is a cute little BMW or stylish new Jag (whatever your taste).

  • Your investments are bringing you returns that you never imagined was possible. So you decide to focus on turning the garden into a masterpiece (just like they do on those silly TV shows)…or helping your kids with their sport…or spending more time with those people in your life that you really care about…or attending those theatrical or sporting events you used to dream about going to, but could never afford the time…or taking those cooking classes you always wanted to experience… or just buying an old classic car from the 50’s and doing it up. (That's what freedom gives you.)

  • Whenever you choose to, you can jump on a plane to Fiji… Hawaii… Italy… or Greece for a holiday. You have the freedom to phone the travel agent and tell them “organise everything and just send me the tickets”. You tell them to book you into the best hotel and don't really care how much it costs. All you ever worry about is which cocktail to have when you get there (wouldn't that be a nice feeling?) In fact you pay for it out of your profits! That’s right…NOT out of your own pocket – but out of money which you haven’t needed to do a darn thing to earn!

  • In the mail a letter arrives from your favourite charity. It's an invitation to attend a dinner in your honour. They want to show you just how much they appreciate the time and money you've given them. You get the feeling that you've really made a difference.

  • What about owning a holiday home in your favourite beach location? Or a farm near a beautiful little rural town? And purchase it with your “play money!”

  • Would you like to send your kids to the best schools without even having to worry about the term fees?

  • How about owning a luxury cruiser simply because you find it relaxing to sail on Sunday afternoons?

Would this be better than the frustration you feel at the moment in your job or business?
It can only happen once you have true wealth.

All this is just an average day in your life.

Sounds like a dream?

Well it’s not . You can enjoy this kind of lifestyle by understanding one thing: the investment secrets of the RICH. You don’t have to surrender to what most people in Australia believe is their “lot” in life. You CAN live the ultimate lifestyle…surround yourself in luxuries…and enjoy wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

This may sound silly, but if you choose for one moment to open your mind and think "maybe this guy’s onto something here", then you too could have this in your life. That's if you'll just follow my simple recipe.

Let me show you my easy step-by-step plan. You see after I achieved success in my life I sat down and created a system so simple that anyone can follow it. A system which I 100% guarantee will work for anyone if they just apply it. I’ve summarised my success formula into a single complete wealth-education event and it’s called:

“Trading Wisely”

Trading Wisely is a 2 day program like no other event you’ve ever attended. It's totally and completely unique.

Now you’re probably wondering… who is this guy to be telling me all of this? Well, all that is covered in just a moment. But firstly, I'm dying to reveal to you the secrets that the rich know…and you don't. And then you can decide whether I know what I'm talking about.

This exclusive event will blow the lid on what you currently understand about making money from investing.

In fact, here is just a glimpse of what I will reveal to you:

  • How to easily replace your income…without really having to work for it!

  • How to potentially generate enormous amounts of extra income each month for less than 5 minutes work (it sounds unbelievable I know, but I’ll show you how it's done). Can you afford not to know this essential wealth building information?

  • How to think like a millionaire (because the funny thing is - when you change your thoughts, you change your results!)

  • Why 93% of Australians are either slaves to the bank or slaves to their jobs (usually both) -- and how to make sure this doesn't become your life story.

  • Discover the wealth building secrets that only 1 in 100 Australians know (This is privileged information normally only shared amongst the rich).

  • How you could easily donate large sums of money to your favourite charity in the next few weeks (don't worry, you'll discover how to earn more than you can spend - so donating to charity is a walk in the park).

  • The little strategy that I use to figure out all of my money making decisions (it's so simple… it really works!)

  • Why getting HIGH returns does not have to mean taking HIGH risks (and why the average person will never understand this without educating themselves financially).

  • Why it could be positively dangerous to your wealth to ask your bank manager… accountant…or financial planner for advice on your money!

People say I am an expert at making things easy to understand.

Here’s what else you'll discover at this wealth event…

  • How to make investing your hobby (but a hobby that could return you thousands of dollars… or even replace your current income… for only a few hours a week).

  • How to create the lifestyle you want…and the wealth you desire.

  • Why 96% of Australians are dead or dead broke by age 65. Are you willing to make sure this does not happen to you? Why wait till you’re 65 and ready to kick the bucket before you experience “the good life?” (You could have it now... I will show you how!)

  • The key areas to focus on and develop in life in order to enjoy a successful and happy existence.

  • Learn lightning fast ways to get extra cash flow happening in your life… RIGHT NOW!

  • How you could possibly make extra income each month…starting next week!

  • How to do the opposite of what most people do on the stock market - and make an absolute fortune.

  • How to minimise the risk of investing in shares (so that you can sleep easy at night -- even if your shares go down in value…you don't have to worry!) The incredibly simple way to MAKE MONEY EVEN WHEN SHARE PRICES GO DOWN!

How does that sound? Pretty amazing - right? Well the good news is - this is only a fraction of what you’ll learn in TRADING WISELY!

You’ll leave this event knowing exactly
what to do and how to do it.

You’ll walk away with a simple 8 Step Plan that shows you when to get into the market, what to watch for once you’re in and when to take profits. Learn how to withdraw your original capital and still be in a trade with the markets money. This way you have nothing to lose and thousands to gain.

In fact, I predict, at first you’ll find it hard to sleep at night. Why? Because you'll be so excited about your future. All these fantastic ideas will be bouncing around in your brain. But you know what? Sleep will become a second priority. It's the best feeling in the world to know that your future will truly be one of luxury and choice. Wouldn't you agree?

This Will Be The Most Intense Weekend Of Your Life
And You Must Be Prepared To Take Hundreds Of Notes

Now, at this stage, you're probably wondering how much it’s going to cost to attend this exclusive event (and the truth is it's not going to cost you a thing! How? I’ll show you in just a moment).

However, Before We Get Into That, There Is Something Unique You Should Know:

This is not a get rich quick seminar. If that's what you’re after, please stay home. This is also not a hype seminar where I try to flog you some real estate… shares... high-rise apartments… or some expensive computer software.

What's more, I don't just tell you how to do it, then pat you on the back as you're ushered out the door to fend for yourself. No way! I could not live with myself if I did that. I give you a complete step-by-step master plan that sets out everything in plain English, showing exactly what steps to take. You won't leave the event scratching your head and thinking “now, where the hell do I start?” You walk out knowing exactly what to do. Isn’t that reassuring to know?

This brings us to your investment…

Now, you should know to hire me personally costs $300 an hour. Why so much? Because I value my time. There are plenty more things I could be doing. So if I’m going to sit down with you, it's got to be worth my while.

Very few people know this, but after these events I fall into a great big heap - totally and utterly exhausted. Why? Because for those 2 days, I work myself to the bone. My brain never shuts down. I give you my all, and I answer every last question (and I don't care if the hotel staff are kicking us out at closing time - if you've got a question and I still have breath in me… I'll answer it for you). That is my commitment to you! It wrecks me, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

What that means is, to have me do this personally for you would cost you around $7,200 ($300 x 12 hours x 2 days) - one hefty fee, right? But it would still be worth your while (considering you'll walk away with a financial blueprint to your future - one that could earn you tens of thousands - possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars.)

Now, you’re not going to pay anywhere near $7,200 for this event. But let me tell you WHY attending TRADING WISELY is 10 times better than having me personally consult to you:

  1. You can focus on your future for an entire weekend. No distractions. No interruptions. And every single word that comes out of my mouth is designed to put all the pieces together in your mind.

  2. You get the combined intelligence of everyone there. See, at an event like this, other people will think of questions and situations that you might not have thought of. And so you get the benefit of my answers to those people. So it's like a mastermind group all working together!

  3. You won't be alone. In a seminar like this surrounded by like minded people, you'll enjoy the breaks immensely because you'll be able to discuss your situation with others in privacy. You’ll find new ideas and be able to talk it all out. And after the event, you'll have made contacts that you can call and know that you're both “on the same page”. I don't think enough value is placed on this opportunity. But it's absolutely critical. You have the opportunity to create a fantastic wealth accelerating network for yourself.

If you’re worried if this is going to be a good investment…

There are seminar’s out there, which cost upwards of $7,000 to attend. I've personally checked them out. And guess what? They don't offer even HALF what I'm going to reveal to you at Trading Wisely. One thing is for sure at other seminars you don't walk away with a full step-by-step plan to your future like you do in mine.

I happen to know that a lot of people who need the kind of exciting, life changing information that’s provided at this event, simply don't have $7,000 to spend. And those that have, may look at the current economy and feel unsure about investing such an amount. Even though it could provide you with a great income without doing much.

After much consideration, I made it extremely easy for you to take a seat at this event. You won't invest $5,000…or $4000. You won't even pay anywhere near $3000. I've set the price at just $2700. Which is I'm sure you'll agree, a bargain rate to pay for something that could change your life forever.

What a great deal for such freedom giving information from the only person who takes the time out to explain it in such simple terms. Who else would give you a step-by-step plan that you can walk away with and take action on as soon as you get home. So if you're serious you'll want to secure your seat NOW!

Here’s another way to reduce your investment even further…

If you have a friend or partner, you should bring them along too. After all, these concepts will benefit both your lives. If this is something you’d like to do I'm going to help you out. Bring your partner or friend along, and the ticket price drops by $100.

But even better… if you’re an Action Taker and you enrol in the Trading Wisely program within the next 7 days, then you'll
be gifted a Special Early Bird Rate of only …
(valid until 5pm, Thursday 18th May 2006)

That's $713 back in your pocket -- just for being early! All I ask in return is for a testimonial from you following the event.Would that be okay? The end result is that we’ll have some sensational testimonials for our next event, and you’ll have yourself the biggest bargain in the country – a ticket to the best seminar event in Australia.

If you’re a graduate who has already attended this program, and you’d like to enjoy the experience again, you’ll receive a further $330 off.

But I also know that chances are, you’ve got some bills to pay at the moment. So I want to make this an easy decision for you. If you like, you can also…pay in easy instalments over 12 months ($500 deposit, balance of $200 of a period of 11 months).

Yes Jules I'm in. Register me for this amazing event now.
To pay via our secure online server click the buttons below.

VisaCard, BankCard and MasterCard accepted.

Hey, I'm bending over backwards to make it easy for you, don't you agree? Now this isn't like paying instalments on a car…or a boat…or furniture…or electrical equipment (where money gets eaten away on a depreciating asset) - this is investing in your future. Money that will make you money. That's gotta be a good decision right?

But wait a minute, didn't I say that this event isn’t going to cost you a thing? You bet, I did. So…

Let Me Tell You How This Extraordinary Event Is GUARANTEED To Cost You Nothing!

Bottom line is this: you'll either make a profit from attending this event…or you'll walk away paying nothing! Did you hear what I just said? Just by reading this far into this letter, you're set to make a profit -- no matter what. Congratulations!

Here's how…

You see, you have the luxury of coming to this amazing event, with the guarantee that if it isn't everything I promised you and more, it won't cost you a cent. You can come along with the most sceptical mind you can bring. You can sit there and ask me any question you like, and have it fully answered. And by the end of Day 1, if you think that you are not getting what you expected, I not only want you to, but I demand you to approach me or one of my team and say this…"You know what, I think coming here was not the right decision for me. I am not getting what I expected."

Now, the moment we hear these words from you, we’ll not only appreciate your honesty, we’ll congratulate you for being up front. We’ll thank you for your time and refund your money IN FULL 100%. That means you will have experienced an entire day of my time. You will have eaten all of the meals provided. You will have seen my material and yet (because you’re not happy), receive every single cent of your money back (without any hesitation or reluctance from us.)

You see I want you to agree that this was the best money you've ever spent. And if not, I want you to do something about it (actually, I demand that you do something about it, because if you’re not happy, I don’t want to keep your money).

Your full attendance fee will be REFUNDED COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY IN FULL. And we’ll do it with a smile. In fact we’ve had to do it 6 times in the history of presenting this program. You see it would make us happier to give you your money back, than hang onto it with you not totally satisfied. Given that over 700 people attended our seminars last year alone, 6 dissatisfied customers only, is not too bad now – is it?

Not Only That...

But to make sure you know that I am deadly serious about this, I will insist on adding an extra $100 to the refund cheque so that no matter what, you leave the whole experience with a profit.

Do you agree that I cannot possibly be any fairer than that?

You have absolutely no risk in dealing with me. You cannot possibly lose a cent. You'll either make money through the amazing strategies that I’ll show you…or you’ll make money if you’re not happy. It’s as simple as that.

Now, I have a marketing friend, who says that in order to make your customer happy you have to go above and beyond the call of duty. And so far I believe I’ve delivered on that. But you know what? I reckon at this moment you're seriously weighing up the decision to come to Trading Wisely.

I suspect that deep down you know how valuable this is going to be to your life…your partner's life…and that of your family in general. But what's it going to take for you to commit to that decision right now, and claim your early Bird rate (if you enrol within the next 7 days of course).

Well how about this: I have stretched my brain to see what else I could do to make this the most fantastic, the most exciting, and the most life changing experience you've ever had. And I believe I've done it. Here's what I've got installed for you…

Some FREE GIFTS If You Register In The Next 7 days!

As a special thank you for registering in the next 7 days only, you'll be handed these special bonuses as soon as you arrive at the venue…

  • I will show you some simple things to look out for to avoid the silly things that most people do when trading shares. In fact, knowing these simple techniques alone, will have you personally outperforming the majority of others in the market.
  • How to understand trading software, especially if you're not a computer geek (I'll reveal how to understand these programs and their “ mathematical algorithms” - so that they’re as simple as pie to use - now be honest…how fantastic would that be!)
  • How to think when you’re trading (I know for a fact that this has been my secret weapon in the past) - because when your brain is tuned in… when you are in control of your emotions - you cannot only sleep like a baby every night, but make damned high profits, too!

  • How to easily buy shares…. of some of the biggest companies in Australia…for just a fraction of what they’re really worth! (That's right, for example: you can control $11,890 worth of News Corporation shares for only $300!! You can get started immediately after you leave the seminar!)

  • Discover what “Options” really are and how to use them to make profits, so high, you'll be embarrassed to tell your friends and family (by doing this regularly and skilfully, you could buy, for example, a brand new BMW for yourself without touching a cent of your own money…I'll show you how to do it out of your profits!)

  • How to make an Absolute Fortune in a FALLING market!! Unbelievable, but true. I'll show you a simple strategy you can use to easily make money when the stock market is in a nosedive. And yes, it is legal!! (Think about it: have you heard of making money on the way down? Very few people know how to do this. But it is easy, and I'll reveal exactly how it's done at this exclusive event). These are secrets, you have not heard anywhere else. This event will truly catapult you ahead by years.

  • Discover the simple secrets for protecting yourself from the danger of a market more volatile than a volcano. (We all need insurance that there is a safety net. Don't we? And I reveal, exactly how to go about protecting your capital in order to keep as much money as possible in your pocket!)

  • PLUS…a plain English rundown of the rules that apply to options to safeguard you from the mistakes that uninformed others make.
  • You'll learn money management rules that show you exactly what proportion of your capital to allocate to a trade. It takes into account the level of risk versus reward and gives you maximum protection while also increasing your profit margin.
  • Learn the exact terminology to use when speaking with your broker to ensure absolute clarity and remove any misunderstanding between you and your broker when placing trades into the market. (You'll find this a godsend. When you deal with the industry one-on-one you'll be able to handle yourself like a pro. Experts will realise it and work harder for you…)
  • How to place orders without looking silly or making costly mistakes (I show you exactly how to do it - no need to reinvent the wheel… just copy what I do!)

  • And so much more.

Pretty amazing right? And this is only a fraction of what I'm going to reveal to you. But it’s the information that most brokers are afraid to release in case you see right through them and they will lose their power over you. Bugger that! I want you to know as much as them. In fact, more than them, so you can make informed choices without some idiot telling you what to do.

Now, I could say all I want about how great this groundbreaking program is - of course… I'm biased - I know how good it is. In my mind, nothing is more convincing than hearing the views of people who have actually done it.

So here is what some people who discovered Trading Wisely had to say about it:

“Being interested in improving my financial management I attended an evening seminar by Julian Dawson late last year. It was about options. I knew nothing about the subject. That meeting opened up a new world of opportunity for me. To gain further practical know how I then attended his weekend workshop. This gave me further important information, and confidence. This February I conducted a trade investing $1080. Within 3 days the trade netted me $2100. What better return could one ask for? I just wish I had done something like that 10 years ago!”
Dr Alan Jones – Coffs Harbour, NSW

"There are choices in life that will alter what you thought possible for yourself, if you are thinking of learning from Julian Dawson you are at such a choice. The information Julian presents contains value beyond compare and my only disappointments about the weekend were leaving the extremely supportive environment and not finding Julian years ago. I never thought in 22 days of trading I could turn $3500 into an incredible $21,000 but that was before I understood how to use a series of indicators to time my entry and exit points in the market. Julian teaches in one weekend what would take an ordinary person, years to develop. By practising the trading system taught, I have been able to enter and exit trades in rising or falling markets and make massive profits. My overall success in option trading has increased exponentially and the understanding I have gained from Julian ensures that I trade with confidence."
Matthew Kinman – Labrador, QLD

“Feeling the need for some new financial direction in my life, I attended a Jule Corp introductory session on Options writing and trading strategies. The event was presented very professionally by Julian Dawson. The information was concise and delivered in a simple and easy to follow manner. I decided to do the weekend course on offer. This was to be a masterstroke decision. Julian creates a relaxed and very effective learning environment. It was an inspiring and enriching weekend...His proven strategies gave me a practical and solid rule based platform to start from. I’ve been in the market for 6 months now and am making consistent profit while continuing to learn. Jule Corp are a very supportive and knowledgeable group of people. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking confidence and skill on entering the market and beyond.”
Bob Pearse - Byron Bay, NSW

“This is the most enlightening thing I have ever come across. To think you don’t have to struggle for the rest of your life. Julian’s delivery of his course was concise and refreshing. For Julian to give his knowledge on these subjects was priceless. I would hope one day they will teach this knowledge in schools. Because this is what I will be teaching my children in years to come. Once again I take my hat off to you Julian and thanks you once again for sharing this information. P.S. Chocolates and nuts were great throughout the course.”
Sean Williams – Sandy Beach, NSW

“I did Julian’s weekend seminar in November 2003. What a blast! I thought it was amazing how much the guy could teach in just a couple of days! And I thought I was going there to learn just oneoptions trading strategy! I was really relieved to discover also that I wouldn’t be just sitting listening the whole time. Julian’s charismatic and really in touch with the different ways people learn. He role- played stuff until we understood it. He had us doing ‘energisers’ and talked to us in a language a high school kid could understand if that’s what we needed. We had visual diagrams all the way through. I hear from Julian when he thinks I need a push to utilise the amazing, life-changing information I now have. Compared to another share seminar I went to around the same time, this was totally riveting!
Deslie-Ann Osborn – Woolgoolga, NSW

“As a total novice, I found Julian's seminar to be well planned and the large amount of information communicated in the simplest terms, so as to be easily understood. Julian gave every one of his student’s personal care and attention, making sure that everyone was comfortable with each step, before moving on. His enthusiasm is catching and my trading confidence and practical skills have increased enormously. Keep up the good work Julian.”
Pam Le May – Bangalow, NSW

Mate I reckon the way you put the course together & presented it was Brilliant. I've been thinking back over it and I reckon u musta spent a long time putting the slides together, and in that particular order to present it so clearly and simply. I found your teaching style fun, straight to the point, enthusiastic, and it was never boring.

I've been to a few intro nites and half day courses. The big difference with you, and I picked up on it on the intro nite, was you really came across as one of us... not some stiff, educated, upper class type dude. And everyone really related to you. I've seen speakers be whisked away by security to the green room after a presentation. No interaction with the people at all. You ate lunch and hung out with us for the entire weekend, this was why u bonded with the group and vice versa.

And ultimately what that has done for me is - I believe that I can be successful too, just like you, coz you're a regular, down to earth guy just like myself. Not some "untouchable" guy in a suit whom I can't relate too. So Julian don't change this will you!!!

The laid back approach is definitely the way to go. I love how you guys did it how you wanted to and didn't conform to any rules or standards.

I was also amazed how the group bonded with each other and how positive the vibe was. I've never experienced a vibe like that. I had 10 hours sleep total from Fri - Mon and I coulda gone all night doing the trading simulation, I was that friggin' energised. I think I've had a real mind shift from the course mate, it's made me realise that I have got to start associating with more positive people, like yourself, the group etc ... I honestly have way too many negative people in my life and this really contributes to my overall lack of confidence. So I'm now making a real effort to gently remove these negative people from my life and replace them with positive people. Like you say in the info... how can u fly like an eagle when u hang with the turkeys... very good saying !!!

It was a perfect chance for me to expand my comfort zone, and because I did that I was rewarded in so many ways. I got to know people better, I challenged a few beliefs, I started helping other people, I was expressing myself as me... not a sanitised version of me in fear of speaking. think I gained a lot of respect. I had a lot of fun and was really able to focus on what u were teaching... it was very liberating. And as a result I learnt a hell of a lot more. But I honestly doubt I could have been so open about it if it weren't for u mate, u really took me under your wing, got me my safety net and were so cool from the start.

BUT ... what u have taught me a lot of the 'downs' no longer exist. One of my main fears was retiring at 65 on 90% of a cleaner’s wage, but now, by following what u have taught me, everything I wrote in my 5 year plan is possible. What a relief!!! You have no idea how my view on life has changed since I met you. I'm enjoying so many more things now because my mind is free, it’s not choked up with worrying thoughts of the future, money, and not being able to do the things I want. So for this alone I am so much very appreciative.

So what's the course done for me? It's proven that I don't have to work my butt off in a job I hate – just to make money. I've proven to myself that I'm intelligent enough to make trading work for me. I've proven to myself I can connect with people. It’s put me on a new path in life in terms of what is possible. I've been able to contribute by helping people. I've gained new friends and met people I truly admire, respect and want to emulate... yourself especially.

Sounds like a lot for just 1 weekend but for me it was also a real personal growth experience. What I have to watch now is slipping back into old patterns. That's why I've been so active since the course. I know the only thing standing between me and success is my bloody head... the psychology thing ...But I've been treating it like a sport - "PLAY TO WIN" ... not "play not to lose".

So mate, congratulations! You are certainly developing your company from the right place ... if u believe in it in your heart u can NEVER fail ... and your passion certainly comes across in your presentation. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!
Wayne Hoskins – Surfers Paradise, QLD

These are but a tiny few of the many stories from people who’ve benefited enormously from the “Trading Wisely” program.

Like these people, I firmly believe that spending a weekend with me will in fact accelerate your learning by 5 to 10 years! Imagine the time and money you'll save…and make!

Think about it: what sort of impact, could this powerful knowledge make to your life? It could literally turn you around on a dime if you had extra income coming your way every few months, couldn't it? Taking you from worrying about your bills… to worrying about, where will your next holiday be and which resort will you stay in!

I promise you this:

You will get an amazing education on the costly mistakes that nearly every market investor is making in this country, what to do about it; and the exact system I use to take the hardships out of investing and make more cash, and more importantly, how you can do the same right now.

For an entire weekend, I'm going to reshape your thinking about the stock market. I'm going to stretch what you currently believe is possible. I'm going to confront you with concepts that will literally blow your mind. And…I'm not going to let you get off lightly. In fact, I'm going to work you to the bone. (But you know what? You're going to love every moment of it!).

BE WARNED: this weekend is no picnic. This is a downright, head down, work up a sweat, hands-on live workshop. You'll go home exhausted from all the hands-on practical exercises, silly little games, and many examples covered. But you know what? Even though you'll be dying to hit the sack…YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP A WINK!

Why? Because you'll have so many moneymaking ideas in your head, and so many new concepts you'll be itching to try out, I guarantee you'll be lying there staring at the ceiling thinking, “I can't wait for the market to open!”

You'll have me there with you for 2 solid days of wealth building strategising. You can ask me any question you want, normally you have to schedule in a meeting with me at $300 an hour- and you'll get every answer I’ve got.)

And that's really the true value of events like this. To hear concepts explained, and if you don't understand them -- you can have it explained again and again until you get it (mind you, chances are that this won't happen to you, because I make everything super easy to grasp -- but at least you have the comfort of knowing).

And I promise you something else: I will not rest…and I will not put my head down on a pillow…nor leave the venue until I know for sure that every single person in attendance has every solitary thing they need to make a fortune in shares and options trading. Is that fair enough?

Don't you agree that this event could literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you over the next one to two years (at the very least)? Can you see the potential to make massive increases in your profits by knowing what only the true experts know? You're getting the best…from the best.

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Free Bonus #1

A live coaching certificate (valued at $300). This certificate is your ticket to riches. Over the phone or in person, I will focus on you and your needs for one whole hour. You can ask me anything you want. More than that, I'll give you amazing trading ideas…belief systems…decision-making criteria…and so much more. All focused on you. A very real $300 value…yours free if you register in the next 7 days only.

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Special Manual (valued at $467). This manual is THE definitive guide to all the secrets revealed in the seminar. It is ONLY available to seminar attendees. This manual could make you thousands of dollars in increased income and is a priceless addition to your personal library of wealth building information. It includes the full course notes (which will become your bible when you return home -- the notes alone are what any investor would give anything for) -YOURS FREE

Free Bonus #3

Meal Package (valued at $240). Lunch is on me. (By the way, lunchtimes are often the hidden gem at events like this. Because you trade stories with the other serious investors who are attending -- you'll be amazed at the killer information you'll learn!). By the way, lunch during the entire program is on me! In fact I’ll have a coffee and snacks waiting for you on arrival each morning. I’ll even throw in morning and afternoon tea for you. So lunch isn’t the only meal on me. Also, if that’s not enough for you, I’ll feed you fruit, chocolates, mints, savoury platters, tea and coffee throughout the program. I’ll be giving you so much information for your brain to process, you’ll need plenty of nourishment to absorb it all – all inclusive - YOURS FREE

Free Bonus #4

Discount off Trading Software (valued at $320). If you decide to purchase the world’s number one technical analysis software, then receive a 20% discount from the Australian distributor just for coming to our seminar - YOURS FREE

Free Bonus #5

Email Support (valued at $450). Email me your trades for validation. This is like having me in the passenger seat while you learn to drive. I’ll look over your trades before you place them into the market. This helps us iron out any “bugs in your system”. This will save you from making any costly mistakes as you learn. Complimentary service - YOURS FREE

Free Bonus #6

Trading Plan (valued at $550). My exact formula for making decisions on when to enter the market, what to look for once you’re in, and what to do to get out. All summarised into simple easy steps as your recipe for success. This takes any guesswork and emotion out of your trading decisions. Others say it is the most powerful tool provided in the seminar. This easy to follow document is all you need on hand to be on your way to financial genius - YOURS FREE

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So as you can see, the choice is yours. All the dates and times are included for you. But be warned -THIS EVENT IS SELLING OUT FAST. I've had to turn away people from events in the past. I don't like doing it. But once the venue is full… there's nothing I can do. Fire and safety restrictions at the venue prevent it.

I look forward to seeing you at Trading Wisely. I know it will be the most enlightening and profitable event you have ever attended. And I can't wait to share it with you.

Dates and Costs

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 2006
Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2480.
9:00am till 8:00pm each day

Attend this life changing event…and get your $2,327 worth of FREE BONUSES, at our Special Early Bird Rate of $1,987(valid until 5pm, Thursday 18th May 2006)...That’s a huge saving of $713 just for making a quick decision! Also if you bring a friend, you get a further $100 off the 2nd seat. If you have already attended this program, you can come along again for a further $330 off, but you must act NOW!

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This is one of those rare opportunities that can change your life forever. I hope you decide to join me at Trading Wisely and make the choice to get the inside story on how to create a massive investment income starting now.


Julian Dawson

P.S. Remember, not only is this the only event of its type held in Australia, but you get an amazing 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not happy by the end of the first day, not only will you get your money back, but we’ll also pay you an extra $100 for your time. You either receive loads of killer money making information...or you make a $100 profit on top of your full refund. It’s risk free!

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P.P.P.P.S. And lastly, I’ll do something else for you…if you have any questions regarding Trading Wisely, then call me right now, and I'll answer them immediately. Phone me on 1300 557 881 or 61 2 6626 6881.

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