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What you are about to discover could be the most important message you read this year and could very well change your life forever. Chances are, you’ve never heard the amazing secrets that I’m about to reveal to you. And if you have, then I guarantee that you’ve never heard them explained so simply that you can instantly apply them for your own profit!

I am going to reveal to you how within a VERY short time, you could be living the lifestyle you want—trading the Stock Market—and potentially make an astonishing income by employing a proven… incredibly simple...set of principles.

Imagine...turning on your home computer and knowing exactly how you can instantly make potentially thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks?

Or imagine making a profit on the market—whether it’s rising or falling! How would it feel to laugh with joy as the market crashes! Can you imagine that?

You know, my question has always been - how can I put in a minimum amount of effort...and take out a maximum amount of profit? Am I lazy? No! But there are things in life that I prefer to devote my time to rather than working every day. So why not try and get the greatest amount of gain from the least amount of effort?

You could be part of an exclusive group of people and have the chance to immerse yourself in what is the most wealth event you have ever seen. I’m going to show you a truly wonderful way to make a superb living, with a lot less stress or difficulty than you’ve ever experienced. What’s more, it’s guaranteed to cost you nothing! In fact, no matter what - you’re going to walk away with a profit.

These are the same strategies that have created a lifestyle for me that only a few people EVER get to experience.

You don’t need lots of money to start investing.

If you’re tired of working long hours in a job that bores you, then this is for you! Could you enjoy a lifestyle that allowed you all the time and money to do whatever you want, when you want –like go on a holiday to your favourite place, stay at the best resort, not worry about the cost - only which cocktail you’ll have when you get there?

Investing may sound hard to master but in this
4 hour course, you will be shown:

  • How to easily learn to trade and create wealth and a comfortable lifestyle for yourself.

  • Find out how to replace your income...without really having to work for it!

  • How to think like a millionaire (because the funny thing is—when you change your thoughts, you change your results!).

  • See how to use income from the market for your personal needs.

  • Why 93% of Australians are either slaves to the bank or slaves to their jobs—and how to make sure this doesn’t become your life story.

  • How to donate more money to your favourite charity (don’t worry you’ll be shown how to earn so much more, so donating more money will be a walk in the park).

  • Why getting high returns does not have to mean taking high risks (and why the average person will never understand this without educating themselves financially).

  • How to make investing your hobby (but a hobby that might earn you thousands of dollars...or perhaps replace your current income...for only a few hours a week).

  • How to do the opposite of what most people do on the stock market—and potentially make an absolute fortune.

  • How to minimise the risk of investing in shares (so that you can sleep at night-even if your shares go down in don’t have to worry!).

  • The Incredible way to Make Money Even When Share Prices Go Down!

  • How to pay for holidays without using a cent out of your own pocket (this tricky little secret could pay for your skiing trips...overseas holidays...leisure activities!)

  • Learn the simple things to look for to avoid the silly things that most people do when trading shares.

  • See how you can buy shares...of some of the biggest companies in Australia...for just a fraction of what they’re really worth! (that’s could control thousands of dollars worth of Blue Chip shares for only a few hundred dollars!!)

  • Discover what “Options” really are and how to use them to make profits, so high, you’ll be embarrassed to tell your friends & family (learning to do this skillfully, you could see how to buy a new BMW , Boat or Jetski without touching a cent of your own money!)

What others say about this program...

“To keep you up to speed: Last week turned into an $8450 profit; and this week has realised $2350 already (Wed.): I have to say Julian, that just watching the trades, and then being a part of it is exciting, and my friends say "why weren't you doing this years ago; you had such a capacity for mental expansion", which I confused with "metal expansion" so tried to make money out of security fences. No one tells you the truth do they!”
Alan Manning- Tweed Heads

“I have attended many courses on share trading so was somewhat skeptical of another one that might promise everything but falls way short, but my wife said "just go, what have you got to lose?" So I went. From the start it was obvious that Jules had something different to offer. His presentation and his approach to share trading was completely refreshing. Since then Jules has changed my life. I recommend his seminar to anyone sick of their current situation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
Matthew Thane—Byron Bay

“Jules' course was absolutely amazing. His passion for helping people rise out of their current financial struggle is profound. He not only explains his strategies in simple, easy to understand terms, but he also packages it together in a step-by-step learning process. Make sure you have an empty mind about investing so that you can allow your mind to be like a sponge & soak up all the gems of wisdom that Jules has gained from his extensive experience.”
Christina Wannan—Wollongbar

About the Presenter...

Jules Dawson is light hearted and truly passionate about making a positive impact on the world. After growing up in an environment of poverty and political turmoil, he knows what it’s like to experience struggle. These days it isn't unusual for Jules to get returns of over 30% in a matter of days.

By teaching with enthusiasm and making learning fun, Jules removes any fears you might have about investing. He believes in lifestyle and at age 35, he is a self-managed trader who enjoys a quiet lifestyle in Northern NSW with Frea, Jack & Oliver. He makes a living through business and self-managed investments.

Through his passion for investing, he is living proof that within a minimum amount of time and the basic know how, you too can enjoy a quality lifestyle.

He enjoys educating every day people on how they can break success barriers. Let Jules show you how to increase your income and have more choice in your life!

What You Get in FREE BONUSES...


How to Make a Killing in Stocks and Options” strategy manual
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Trading terminology
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Why would I give so much away? I genuinely love sharing this information with others. So, if I look after you, you’ll come back for more, and perhaps even tell other people about my program.

My Guarantee to You…

I promise you this… If you’re not satisfied with the course or if you feel that I’ve failed you in any way, I genuinely expect you to grab me or one of my team and say this…”You know what, I don’t think coming here was the right decision for me”.

The moment we hear that from you, we’ll thank you for your courage, and refund all of your money in full. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy. In fact we want you to walk away a winner. The $270 worth of bonuses is yours to keep no matter what - plus 100% of your money back. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by coming.

Dates and Costs

Tuesday 14th & Saturday 18th March 2006
The Lord Byron Resort, 120 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW
Tuesday - Register at 6:00pm – Finish around 11:00pm
Staurday - Register at 1:00pm – Finish around 5:30pm

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