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Brendan Nichols 

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Brendan Nichols

               World Leading Success                 Specialist and
                Best Selling Author.

Brendan Nichols is an International Speaker and Author. His bestselling book, Your Soul Purpose, published by Harper Collins, is regarded as a classic in the field of success and personal effectiveness. Brendan has featured in over 100 television, radio and print interviews and his ABC television documentary on achieving success was watched by three quarter of a million viewers.

Formally a highly successful businessman, Brendan has been in the training arena for the last 15 years. He has coached individuals, celebrities and world leading companies as well as helped many disadvantaged teenagers with the skills and strategies to become successful.

He is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most Skilled trainers, which is why one of the world’s leading business consultancies serving the majority of the top 1000 companies in the world decided to call in Brendan Nichols to raise the standard and quality of their trainers.  

Brendan specializes in showing individuals how they can achieve success as well as mapping a path for business people to become successful and profitable. He is recognized as a world-class speaker having shared the stage with the likes of Tom Hopkins and Robert Kiyosaki.  

His keynote addresses are unique and loaded with power, passion and heart. Audiences and conference organizers alike often say Brendan Nichols is the best speaker they have ever seen. They make such comments as “tremendous integrity”, “incredibly dynamic” and “inspirational and informative to describe Brendan’s seminars and speeches.

Brendan’s Background

Before Brendan Nichols became an international speaker and bestselling author, he was a highly successful businessman in Sydney, Australia. In the 1980s Brendan ran a leading project marketing company, which he built from the ground up. Every member of his sales team was in the top 1% of producers in the country. The company itself spearheaded the sales on one of Australia’s first true environmental estates.  

After working extensively with Robert Kiyosaki, the former president of the Excellerated Learning Institute in the USA, Brendan Nichols became Kiyosaki’s first fully trained Australian presenter, delivering seminars to thousands of people in business and personal development in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. He is indeed one of only six instructors ever to be certified from 40,000 graduates of the Excellerated Learning Institute in the USA. Recently Brendan’s profile has expanded into South East Asia where he has led seminars in Malaysia and his bestselling book is to be translated into Mandarin and launched in China and Taiwan.   

While teaching in New Zealand, he was publicly honoured by the Maori people who titled him Rangatira, meaning elder or chief. This is an extremely rare honour for a non-Maori to receive. Additionally Brendan was the only non-indigenous teacher for two years in succession to be invited to host and teach at Corroboree, a world wide meeting for indigenous people.

Brendan has spent more than three decades researching more than 50 business and personal development methodologies along with studying Eastern Philosophy in India and has actually applied these principles successfully in his life as well as his work. His extensive knowledge and inner clarity has led to the creation of a highly effective system that produces powerful positive change. His seminars are highly inspirational, focusing on success in the spiritual and material world. 

Recognized as a brilliant facilitator and keynote speaker, Brendan Nichols has worked with many leading organisations such as The Australian Cricket Board, The Flight Centre, Computer Power, Corporate Vision, Hydro Tasmania, National Library of Australia, The Joint House Department, Parliament House and The Attorney General’s Department.


Speaking Topics

Corporate Programs

The Performance Program 

The Performance Program is the most complete personal development program available.  The program is based on Brendan’s best selling book, Your Soul Purpose, and his three decades of research into achieving human potential. 

The Performance Program centres on creating attitudinal change, personal balance and effectiveness within the individuals of the organisation.  The program travels much faster in its reach than a traditional motivation program.  Motivational programs are often short lived once the “buzz” wears off.  The Performance Program gives tools and skills that can be utilized for a lifetime. 

The Spirit of Leadership

This seminar is for those who would like to skyrocket their own potential as well as those around them. The new frontier of the visionary leader is in raising their “spiritual intelligence”.  Ordinary motivation comes from setting goals.  Great motivation comes from harnessing your emotions.  However extraordinary performance comes from raising the spiritual intelligence of the individual or organisation.

As human beings we are hard wired to find meaning in all that we do.  Without meaning we languish and lead mediocre lives.  Spiritual intelligence gives us the ability to find greater meaning in our endeavours and harness that energy into a powerful force.  During this presentation you will learn how to tap into your unique style of leadership.  Along with this you will discover specific strategies to increase your management and leadership skills. 

The Diamond Objective

The Diamond Objective is about discovering and defining the identity of your company so that you can create a unique and powerful impact in the marketplace.  If you look at all the individuals and companies who have shaped history you will notice one common element – a strong individual identity.  If you want your company to last, a strong core identity is crucial.

When you mention the names – Mercedes Benz, The Body Shop and IBM most people conjure up a particular identity.  Without an identity, marketing becomes ineffective.  The Diamond Objective also creates a core vision and puts you back in the big picture. 

Keynote Topics 

  §         The Visionary Leader - the new frontier of leadership.
§         The Strategy of Supremacy - how to achieve personal and team excellence. 

Contact us about Brendan’s customised corporate trainings or keynote speeches.  Brendan has a wide range of business and training skills, topics can be modified to accommodate your company requirements.



“At our conference, over 95% of the delegates gave our Presenter, Brendan Nichols, 10 out of 10 on the evaluation forms. An unprecedented event.”
Director, Business Innovation Group

“At our last two conferences, Brendan Nichols scored 4.7 and 4.75 respectively out of 5 (as evaluated by the delegates). This is an outstanding score from an extraordinary presenter.”
Johnathon Calver
Director, Synergy Conventions

“As a professional conference organiser I can testify that Brendan Nichols is an extraordinary keynote speaker. The audience was inspired, moved and left with some fantastic tools to improve their business and personal life. His ability to make people laugh, feel motivated and keep them totally entertained is quite extraordinary.”
Beverley Main
CEO, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand

“My position allows me to see some of the best speakers in the world. Brendan Nichols is right up there at the top of the list. The audience was literally spellbound and hung on his every word. He combines a concise message that you can instantly put into your life or business, along with a style that is incredibly dynamic, funny and inspirational. His trademark sincerity and timely message of discovering real meaning in life made an extraordinary impact on everyone.”
Founder, Accelerated Learning Convention

“Brendan was an excellent presenter - very obviously committed to his cause. I feel he made a huge impact not only on me but the entire class. I will await future courses run by him with baited breath. I got much more than I came for!”
Mary Keenan
Administration Manager, McDonalds Australia

“Brendan Nichols can give you the tools to dramatically change your life. He is the best in his field that I have ever seen.”
Geoff Lawson
Former Australian Test Cricket Player and NSW Captain

“After 24 years of searching for life’s answers by having attended countless seminars, courses and reading dozens of books, Brendan has answered them all.  The search is over and a fulfilling life begins.  Thank you for a great seminar.”
Dionyssopoulos, Sydney 

“Totally exceeded my expectations!  As a successful businessperson he has given me tools and strategies that I can apply straight away to increase my wealth and success.  Thank you for making this possible.”
Dumasia, Businessman, Auckland.

“Awesome 2 days Brendan! The specific strategies are the pathway to revolutionize my profits.  I only wish I had learned this before I started my business.”
Tu Strategies Ltd.

“The cash generating strategies blew me away!  I would recommend this seminar to anyone.”

M.D., Jodak Contractors 

“I have attended numerous wealth and investment seminars.  How I wish Brendan’s seminar was the first.  He is the best!  Remarkable seminar that I will recommend to anyone who wants to discover the truth of success.”
Retired Businessman

“More than exceeded my expectations!  Shows you incredible strategies that you can implement immediately.  Brendan’s knowledge and experience are not to be missed!”
Angus Napier
Chartered Accountant

“Everything I anticipated and much, much more.  I now have the tools and mindset to move from a very small business to a profitable and successful life.  It is wonderful to finally have the answers.”
Fiona Christie
Choices Life Coaching

“Brendan, thank you for a sensational weekend.
  I know now how to expand my business and change my mindset.”
Mandy Cunningham


“Amazingly powerful!  Brendan is so genuine.  His knowledge is extraordinary.  I know now how to achieve my goals and create wealth and success.” 
Annette Davidson
Florist & Exclusive Gift Lines

“One of the best and most profound seminars I have ever attended.  Tons of absolutely remarkable strategies to grow your business and generate wealth.”
Lightbulb Technologies 

“A fantastic experience! This amazing seminar has given me the ability to succeed in life and business.”

“A powerful, valuable seminar that empowers you to take action and shows you the path to wealth and success.  Brendan’s energy and passion is a pure inspiration.” 
Ant Carter

Business Navigator, Cardinal Solutions

“Worth every dollar I spent! I feel motivated and enthused and ready to implement this powerful information.” 

Agricultural Contractor

“I learned about the paradigms of the super wealthy that limited my quest to financial freedom. Most amazing weekend of all the courses I have ever done.”
Martin Cominotto
Founder, Body 2 Soul Pharmacies

“I came in confusion and left with crystal clear clarity.”
Dr. R. Ratnam

“I have attended seminars all over the world. I have not met another presenter with the integrity of Brendan. I hold as the master and I want more of the master.”

Lee Vickrage
Director, Real Estate Results


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